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BirdCage - Portal to Pan Asian Adventure

photo credit: Lady Lex

Here is your passport to an exotic location; flying North over the South Pacific Ocean. Soar over ancient civilizations with majestic architecture, gaze upon the Angkor Wat. Glide over the Mekong River, rice paddies and rainforests; experience a sensory adventure punctuated with plenty of taste and texture surprises. 

 Travelling through Asia takes you on a tour not only of wildly exotic countries but also of cuisine that is distinctly different from country to country. Someone who has spent many years abroad capturing an in-depth knowledge of Asian culture and cuisine is Darryl Marsden, owner of BirdCage restaurant. Combining his travel adventures with experience in the hospitality industry, Darryl has created an authentic environment designed to unify the exotic and flavourful taste of Pan Asian cuisine to share with his hungry flock, all under one roof. 

Spices, sauces and herbs are integral parts of Asian food added to enhance taste, texture, aroma and colour. Selecting one entree will be a tough call so order a shared platter, set to satisfy desire for variety, all for an excellent price. Boasting innovative names and techniques like Thai fish cakes with snake beans and Kajang style beef skewers threaded onto lemongrass stalks, all entrees are paired with flavoursome sauces. King prawn and chicken rice paper rolls are especially refreshing when dipped in a Vietnamese mint and coriander sauce, and you can’t go past the Potstickers packed with Pork, Shiitake and bamboo accompanied by black rice vinegar and pickled ginger dipping sauce. 

By far the most impressive dish is a whole snapper; visually spectacular and de-boned daring you to devour.  Bold, strong and exotic flavours are the driving force behind all of the accompanying salads and are pleasantly refreshing coming into Summer. 

Even the Berkshire pork belly tastes light, braised in sweet soy and star anise balanced with a Kim Chee and cucumber salad. Kim chee is a traditional fermented Korean dish, rich in vitamins and aids in digestion facilitating the breakdown of the fattiness in the pork belly.  

Southeast Asia is busting with ancient traditions and folklore. There are some superstitions behind the chilli in Southeast Asia; some say chillies are used to ward off the evil eye, however, no matter what your belief the chilli is certainly guaranteed to ward off the evil cold! For beef and chilli lovers or those after a healthy kick, the beef sirloin seasoned with coriander will go down a treat. Be sparing with the ‘crying tiger’ sauce, the fiery colour glimmering from the saucer will give you an indication of the intense flavour waiting to pounce. 

photo credit: Lady Lex

The ingredients used in Asian foods create flavours that are intense, subtle, deep and contrasting. Inject some colour into your work day by taking advantage of the excellent weekday lunch time specials. Peck on crunchy prawns perched atop an explosively fresh papaya salad. Take a sticky beak in the basement level and book in your next function, guests will admire the transformation of this historic Moreton RubberWorks building. 

photo credit: Lady Lex

No meal would be complete without dessert, a popular snack food mostly found throughout Indonesia, Malaysia and the Phillipines is Pisang goreng or Fried Banana. BirdCage have superbly transformed simple banana fritters into a moreish dessert by adding salted coconut caramel and vanilla ice-cream. 

Never get the opportunity to leave your birdcage and travel?  Want to re-capture fond memories of Asian adventures? BirdCage is your local portal to the perfect Pan Asian experience.   

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