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One One One Eagle Street is the epitome of Corporate Brisbane, set in the River City’s “Golden Triangle” precinct; standing proudly by the Riverside boasting elegance, sophistication and sustainability. This is home to Brisbane’s elite number crunchers, legal eagles and cleaner-energy angels, and the harbour to the Masters of Modern Grill. Whatever draws you to this iconic masterpiece, you’re guaranteed to receive a quality feed that aligns to your busy schedule at One Eleven Modern Grill (nee Bistro).

In celebration of One Eleven’s first year anniversary, Philip Johnson Chef de cuisine, marked the occasion with the launch of a special new menu. Taking feedback received from valued customers into careful consideration, the Bistro has evolved into a Modern Grill providing faster service for Corporates with a stronger focus on high-protein quality meat, and interesting and innovative starters, sides and sauces. Guests at the launch party enjoyed miniature sample sizes of new options from the approachable and edgy menu – and the feedback proved highly flavourable.

Grilling has come a long way since the homo erectus species first learnt to control fire some 500,000 years ago. As our species evolved, so did our appreciation for grilling, becoming all the rage in the ‘50s and catapulting into popularity with the birth of possibly the greatest invention of all time, the Weber – thank you George Stephen! The benefit of grilling, is that the food can cook more quickly. This is great news for the City Suits who rarely have time to escape the cube farm; those who manage to break free from the daily grind usually return feeling unsatisfied by greasy fast-food options. Enjoy an energetically rich diet at Modern Grill by eating super sides that will give you plenty of fuel to get through the rest of your day. Boost your brainpower with a side of broccolini dressed to impress with a lemon twist, or indulge in caramelised beetroot with burnt butter, vincotto and walnut;, this combination will send you to buttery nuttery heaven.

For executives seeking a suitable scene to discuss important business, this is your place. There’s even a view of the digital ASX board for those who like to stay up to date. Business guests will be content in this comfortable and stylish space carefully designed allowing for private conversations. Or impress guests by organising your next soirée; the quality of service and food will uphold your esteemed reputation. But it’s not all about business, and those who may not be the corporate high flyer are more than welcome to fly high in this tasteful establishment with sensational cuisine.

Now don’t get your feathers in a fluff, the spiced scotch egg with herb mayo is still a popular peacock on the menu along with many other simple yet exotic starters. Schmooze guests with oysters bathing in chardonnay vinegar ooo lala, corn soup with spanner crab, or sticky pork and prawn ma hor – wow you will love the combination of pork, prawn and pineapple. A favourite is the crispy fried quail over an Asian slaw nest bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours.

If you’ve been on the go all day and need something to subside the grumbling belly, hook into a tasty Wagyu burger

or a serve of succulent pork belly with a side of apple sauce. The winning main is a 200g, full blood Angus eye fillet from Warwick. Step aside oysters, this juicy and tender cut of beef that’s cooked to perfection is the new aphrodisiac in town.

Unwind and relax in big comfy chairs listening to cool tunes while feasting on simple yet exquisite fare. You’ve worked hard for it.

One Eleven
111 Eagle St, Brisbane
p. 07 3220 2557
h. Mon – Fri 7.00 – 11.30, Sat 5:30 – 11:30

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Stepping up the stairs of this versatile venue makes you feel as warm and welcome as your own home. Dorothy was right when she clicked her ruby heels: there really is no place like home. Welcome to Alfred & Constance; full of fun times, fancy feasts, tropical liquid treats, plentiful chairs for chats and boogie times upstairs in the Tiki bar. Chill out in the Vanguard Beer Garden by day, while sipping on cider and munching on a roast pork roll with phat chips or twice cooked potatoes with truffle salt. Rock on through the eve where the epic house parties, which only seemingly exist in Hollywood movies, come to life. Whatever your pleasure, you won’t want to leave.

As the name Vanguard suggests, the menu changes to satisfy guests with trendy treats aligned with seasonal fare. The current smells wafting through the kitchen are of the new Summer Menu ready for your indulgence now! For those who love to swim in the sea, these starters won’t destroy that bikini body. Undress Josper grilled prawns over a bed of Quinoa, fresh coriander and lemon or let your crispy calamari go skinning dipping in a pool of sweet paprika mayonnaise. For those who like to play ball by the beach, pass the crunchy chorizo scotched egg back and forth with your wingman, competition will be fierce for prize of the final bite.

The new menu caters to all different tastes and appetites of all sizes. No summer scene would be complete without beer battered fries and summer whiting or fresh seared salmon dressed in lemon and dill. All the fun in the sun can work up an appetite; the slow roasted pork belly with olives is a satisfying combination that tastes so right. For a highly refreshing option choose the Josper grilled duck breast served over watermelon, Persian feta, mint and toasted cashews. Watermelon is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer day. The saltiness of Persian feta brings out the sweetness of the watermelon, topped off with minty freshness makes this one cool cuisine. For herbivores or those trying to shed the winter coat there are healthy, guilt-free salad options not short on flavour. Featuring four nutrition dense salads namely Quinoa, Freeka, Roast Beetroot and Heritage Tomato; these summery salads are packed with all your favourite greens, herbs, nuts and roasted vegetable delights. 

Indulge in the sweet things in life, Alfred & Constance is well known for delicious desserts, designed to satiate the sugar-devil within. Don’t be shy and try the Banoffi or Pecan pie, or creamy tiramisu with espresso soaked savoiardi biscuits, marsala and mascarpone. Passionfruit pavlova will zap zing into tastebuds of fruit lovers while the marshmallow and chocolate brownie will melt chocolate monsters into a blissfully sweet scene. Give into your sins this summer, you won’t regret it.

Now you have no excuse, put on your party shoes and get ready for some summer lovin’! Que Grease summer sounds: Summer loving the menu was a blast, Summer loving the night ended so fast. I met a Chorizo scotched egg crazy for me, met a marshmallow and chocolate brownie delicious as can be. Summer days feasting away, To A&C to dance away summer nights. 

Alfred & Constance 
132 Constance St, Fortitude Valley
p. 07 3251 6500
h. Mon – Thu: 7 – late Fri 7 – 3 Sat 8 – 3 Sun 8 – 1

Blog By Brisbane Belly Blogger. Photos by Lady Lex 

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18th birthdays are a memorable milestone in life and a significant accomplishment especially for a restaurant. It’s evident that Philip Johnson’s loyalty to his customers and simplistic yet sensuous cuisine are the key ingredients of success that has attributed to business longevity.

What is special about this venue is its ability to evoke special memories through exceptional edible  experiences. The E’cco Bistro crew proudly prepare unforgettable parties for your palate, guaranteed to play with your pleasure levels and stimulate sweet memories of a first date or fine dining encounter, birthday celebration or fun times with friends.

Favourite feasts were teleported through time for a special appearance on the menu’s exclusive guest list, along with long time celebrities. Enter flavour-babe field mushrooms infused with truffle oil and lemon poised on olive toast dressed with rocket and parmesan.

The colours and flavours of saffron, chilli and white wine steamed mussels will dazzle like dancers at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival,

while the hearty eye fillet of beef set in a creamy, soft polenta set the scene for curling up in the chill out zone.

What’s a party without pork belly? Guests were happy as a pig in mud when they locked eyes upon plump pork pieces glowing gluttonously from a podium of apple and potatoes.

 However, the sweet, succulent slow cooked duck stole the limelight of the eve hypnotising guests with its red cabbage, bacon and hazelnut partner.

When the time came to chassé into dessert, the sweet aroma of Woodstock Botrytis Semillon was the perfect host: born from a wine estate that is set between the McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs in South Australia where the climate is hot in summer but offers a cool respite from its proximity to the ocean. Woodstock have mastered the balance between sweetness and acidity with these botrytis affected grapes. Characteristics of candied tropical fruits and honeysuckle create this lusciously sweet wine, perfectly paired to devilish delights, such as Panettone pudding with blueberries and crème friache, Banana tarte tatin with rum & raisin ice cream or Cassis packed pears with spice cake.

The ultimate gift for sweet-toothed diners was unanimously the Tiramisu freddo, plated with gilded chocolate beans.

Live long and prosper E’cco Bistro, and may your exceptional edible experiences echo through the ages.
E’cco Bistro
100 Boundary St, Brisbane
p. 07 3831 8344
h. L Tues – Fri 12 – 2.30 d 6  - 9.30 Sat 6 – 9.30

Blog by Brisbane belly blogger and photos by Lady Lex

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