Thursday, 19 September 2013


18th birthdays are a memorable milestone in life and a significant accomplishment especially for a restaurant. It’s evident that Philip Johnson’s loyalty to his customers and simplistic yet sensuous cuisine are the key ingredients of success that has attributed to business longevity.

What is special about this venue is its ability to evoke special memories through exceptional edible  experiences. The E’cco Bistro crew proudly prepare unforgettable parties for your palate, guaranteed to play with your pleasure levels and stimulate sweet memories of a first date or fine dining encounter, birthday celebration or fun times with friends.

Favourite feasts were teleported through time for a special appearance on the menu’s exclusive guest list, along with long time celebrities. Enter flavour-babe field mushrooms infused with truffle oil and lemon poised on olive toast dressed with rocket and parmesan.

The colours and flavours of saffron, chilli and white wine steamed mussels will dazzle like dancers at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival,

while the hearty eye fillet of beef set in a creamy, soft polenta set the scene for curling up in the chill out zone.

What’s a party without pork belly? Guests were happy as a pig in mud when they locked eyes upon plump pork pieces glowing gluttonously from a podium of apple and potatoes.

 However, the sweet, succulent slow cooked duck stole the limelight of the eve hypnotising guests with its red cabbage, bacon and hazelnut partner.

When the time came to chassé into dessert, the sweet aroma of Woodstock Botrytis Semillon was the perfect host: born from a wine estate that is set between the McLaren Flat and Blewitt Springs in South Australia where the climate is hot in summer but offers a cool respite from its proximity to the ocean. Woodstock have mastered the balance between sweetness and acidity with these botrytis affected grapes. Characteristics of candied tropical fruits and honeysuckle create this lusciously sweet wine, perfectly paired to devilish delights, such as Panettone pudding with blueberries and crème friache, Banana tarte tatin with rum & raisin ice cream or Cassis packed pears with spice cake.

The ultimate gift for sweet-toothed diners was unanimously the Tiramisu freddo, plated with gilded chocolate beans.

Live long and prosper E’cco Bistro, and may your exceptional edible experiences echo through the ages.
E’cco Bistro
100 Boundary St, Brisbane
p. 07 3831 8344
h. L Tues – Fri 12 – 2.30 d 6  - 9.30 Sat 6 – 9.30

Blog by Brisbane belly blogger and photos by Lady Lex

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